How We Work

Our primary goal is to make the design process an easy and pleasant experience. We assess your individual situation and interpret your needs and desires delivering solutions that will prove to be beautiful and timeless.


Our Design Process Has Three Steps


Initial Consultation

Our first meeting takes place at the client's home. It is a question - answer session. We ask specific questions in effort to highlight your desires. We welcome all input...your ideas and visions. We always ask if we may walk through  the rest of your home to get a 'feel' for   how you live. Our aim is to bring continuity to your entire living space. We will then take measurements, make sketches, take  notes and photos. It is at this stage that the client is most involved. We suggest you flip   through magazines and collect pictures that you feel may convey your tastes and suit your needs. We will make every effort to incorporate  them into our final design scheme.   No actual design solutions are offered  at this time.


                                             Design Presentation

After our initial consultation, our team will work diligently on your design and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss ideas and design solutions. All selections, ie., floor plans, furniture, window treatments, fabrics, flooring, paint swatches, finishes and/or any other items needed to complete the design project will be presented. If at anytime during the presentation,you are hesitant about a particular item or    look, we will stop and discuss it, and if need be, come up with another option. An invoice detailing all selections will then be submitted. Once agreed upon, the ordering process begins. Now is the time the client can sit back and relax and let the design team perform it's magic.


Final Installation

Once all physical work has been completed, and special ordered pieces have arrived, we will schedule a day that we may come in and finalize the design we envisioned. We may bring in 'final touches', on approval basis, for you to live with for a few days to complete the overall finished look and feel. A final invoice will be submitted at   this time with balance due in full. We remain proud of  the  culmination of our many and varied design opportunities. Following this three-step process has made our job time efficient and nearly seamless. It also affords a  stress-free transition for the client. Our paramount objective is CLIENT SATISFACTION!


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