Home Staging

The goal of interior design is to create an environment that reflects the style and taste of the home's owner; the focus of staging is to make the house more marketable by creating the most appealing home to the greatest number of prospective buyers. Far from reflecting a unique style, a staged home should be just impersonal enough to not infringe on a buyer's own sense of style. More simply put....interior design is 'personalizing' one's home and staging is 'de-personalizing'. In today's housing market, it can be a real challenge selling your home. Home staging, the ART of making your home look stylish and inviting to the potential home buyer, is the first step in selling. If your staging is successful you will leave a lasting impression on the home buyer and they will feel they can make your place their new home. Let us help you discover where the problems and 'solutions' are for your home staging needs. It may be anything from a little closet thinning and tidying up to a major design overhaul.


Statistics For Home Staging

1) A staged home sells for more money.
A staged house sells, on the average, 17% higher than unstaged house.
Statistics suggest staged homes sell at an average of 6 % over what they are listed for. Nonstaged homes only average 1.6%   over listed price.
2) Staged houses sell faster.
The average number of days on market for a  staged house is 14 vs 31 days for an unstaged house.
3) Cost is reasonable.
Survey of 200 Realtors nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements,  made in preparation for sale   actually yielded the highest returns when the house sells.


Why Stage

When it comes time to sell a home, 1st impressions count! The more positive the 1st impression, the better the prospects will be. The homeowner's goal is to sell their home quickly and for the highest profit. The buyer's goal is to find a house they would be proud to own. STAGING a home achieves these goals. 

The way we live in our homes and the way we sell our houses are two different things. Once a home is placed on the market, it becomes a 'product'. Just like any other product you set out to purchase, it has features and benefits and competition. To compete in a highly competitive market, it must be priced right and look better than the others. The housing market is no different. A house is one of many homes for sale and it must be presented to buyers, in the BEST POSSIBLE way.

Staging a home is essentially showing a buyer what they want to see. Before the buyer decides to buy, they need to mentally move their belongings into a home. If a home is 'over' or 'under' done, it is difficult for most buyers to visualize how their own items will look. When viewing a new listing, home buyers decide within a few minutes if the house has enough appeal to bother looking more closely at it's possibilities. Home staging enhances the level of appeal and allows the buyer to think ''I COULD LIVE HERE.''


We offer a variety of services

1) Consultation
We will do a walk through of your interior and exterior. Provide you with a detailed list of suggested improvements that you may want to do yourself.
2) Staging Furnished Homes
We may use just your existing furnishings and accessories or we may incorporate some of our stock pieces to to work among some of yours. Our goal is to give each room a finished look, without being overdone. We may also suggest neutral paint colors. It is best to pack up personal items and store away for your upcoming move. We can assist you in those areas as well.
3)Staging Vacant Properties
We have access to an array of furnishings and accessories to complete the look of a vacant home. Statistics show a house always sells faster and is more appealing to the buyer when furnished.


 Call us, ''Your Realestager", a division of mfi, for your in - home consultation and let us assist in getting your house 'SOLD'.

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